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Retarded School Internet

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1 Retarded School Internet on Thu Nov 22, 2012 10:47 pm


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Anyone can help me in such a matter,the thing is i cant connect to game sites lets say tribal wars and stuff and has i am an antisocial misantropic freak i have not much more to do not being talking to those classmates but they are just european soccer fanboys and homofobic women fanatics...i mean they are not bad people but i prefer to think hense the saing "cogito ergo sum" but lets go straight to the point shall we?
I have tried to use proxy websites like hidemyass and another ones alike but they where bloked to after i first succefuly used them grrr.
School Internet info:
-Uses Internet Explorer
-I know the daam password muhahahahah

If needed i am looking foward to get in trouble LOL

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